Admissions and Applications

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for admission:

  • You must be age 17 or older by the first day of training, unless exception is granted by Director.


  • You must be able to read and speak English and be able to have basic computer knowledge to operate the CNAready program of the online theory. Certification exam is available in Spanish, however, due to Georgia Health Partnership regulations, the class must be taught in English.


  • You must NOT have been convicted of a felony crime within the last 10 years and/or have a current felony charge pending (including under the first offender program). A finger printed background check will need to be completed as a part of admission to the program. See below for additional information on criminal records.


  • You must be physically able to perform the duties of a CNA, including walking, standing, bending, and lifting.


  • Pregnant applicants are asked to provide a letter from their physician giving permission for them to lift heavy objects.


  • You must provide by the first day of class, documentation, dated within the last 12 months stating a negative PPD (TB exposure) skin test or chest x-ray results indicating no TB.


  • Criticare Medical Institute reserves the right to administer random drug screening. If you test positive for drugs you may be expelled from program.