College Student First Aid And CPR Training & Certifications

Ready to Graduate?

Your future goals await that diploma, & your diploma awaits your First Aid & CPR Certification!

We’re a local Georgia – based business, easily accessible from Druid and Gresham Park

Come get certified with us! FAST! FUN! COST EFFECTIVE!

Why College Students Should Get First Aid & CPR Training From Us:

Why College Students Should Get First Aid & CPR Training From Us:

Get Your Diploma with Our offer College Students the perfect solution to fulfilling their college program requirements. Our certifications are recognized by the Government of Ontario’s Workplace Safety

Get certified and ensure that you have experience necessary to finish your program!

Most Competitive & Cost Effective Prices:

As a college student, you may feel like your budget is stretched to it’s limit.

That’s why our first Aid and CPR training programs are so affordable in the Georgia , Druid , Gresham Park and North Decatur, with prices that can’t be beat !

Our Blended Online First Aid Training Programs not only require less time to complete.

First Aid And CPR courses specifically tailored to the needs of college students.

We offer a variety of first Aid and CPR courses allows for fifty percent of the course to be taken online, at your own pace, with the other half completed in a traditional classroom setting. Courses are running multiple times per week. Student can rest assured that they are receiving top – notch quality instruction but with price and your time in mind!