Program Length and Schedule

The entire duration of the training includes 113-hours of training, consisting of 73 hours of instruction (including 33 hours of Lab skills practice/certification exam preparation) and 40 hours of supervised clinical experience at Nursing Home.

All participants must attend the mandatory orientation session prior to the commencement of the program. The orientation session is not counted in the program days.

Instruction is presented in a blended learning format. After the orientation session, the instructions will commence. The first of which will include Online Theory using the self- instructional program of the Curriculum. This online learning component comprises of a combination of lecture, video and role-playing series of residents in a nursing home and CNA Duties and responsibilities. The candidates are required to complete a minimum of 4-hrs of training per day and complete the dedicated assignments.

The Lab week of the program will require in-person lab attendance. These will be scheduled during the day or as evening sessions depending on the course number. The lab skills session strong emphasis on hands on training.

The final week of the program will be the Clinicals where CNA candidates are required to attend clinical at a partner Nursing home. These will be held in the city of Atlanta.

***Class schedule listed above are general schedules and may vary. Exact schedule for each class is available from the office, upon request.